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Film Acting Academy is an acting school that caters to the needs of the film industry. We offer courses for everyone, whether you are a beginner or pro. Our approach to training is fully practical and hands-on; we prepare students with extensive material drawn from current productions in film and TV. Whether you're looking to be on set or auditioning for an agent, our program will develop your skills into the best they can be.
Film & TV Acting Classes
Study with current material from Film/Tv productions in our encouraging environment. Take the next step to becoming a working Film/Tv actor.
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Improvisation Acting Classes
Improvisation skills have been essential in Theater and Commercial acting since the craft began.  Let us help awaken your improv arsenal.
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Audition Taping For Castings
Need an Audition tape ASAP for a casting? Bring in your scene and let’s work the role, get you taped, submitted and booked!
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Private Coaching
We offer private study by appointment for one person, and will accommodate small groups of up to four. 
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How it works, getting started is easy

Ongoing classes are available every Tuesday and Thursday. 
Register for this months block of 4 classes on our Upcoming Events.  
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Step 1
Click on Register
Our upcoming schedule is updated frequently and will show available classes and available dates where there are open spots. 
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Step 2
Choose a Block of Classes & 'Book Now'
By choosing a specific date, you are choosing a block of 4 classes that will be held weekly.
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Step 3
Pay Online to secure a spot
Paying online will secure your spot in the class, and will provide your 'welcome' e-mail with info on your first class. 

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Our proven techniques, skills, and 30 plus years of Industry experience can help anyone achieve their goals in communication / expression. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pro, or want more confidence communicating in the workplace, Film Acting Academy is the right choice for you.
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