Film/Tv Acting Classes

Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or seasoned pro, we have Acting classes made for you. Study with current material from Film/Tv productions in our constructive and encouraging environment. Master the many skills you need to become a working Film/Tv actor. We also offer the convenience of registration and payment for all classes, right off our Calendar using Paypal. See our Training Calendar for current class dates and times.

Improv Acting Classes

Improvisation skills have been essential in Theater and Commercial acting since the craft began. Today’s directors are more open to this flow or “Dance” of raw emotion/response in the framework of a scene. These “Freestyle” techniques are now firmly planted in many of today’s Emmy and Oscar winning films and Television productions. Let us help awaken your improv arsenal. Whether it be for your latest big commercial audition or to just be funnier at the next office party, we got your Improv covered.

Private Coaching

Some people prefer exploring the Art of Film/Tv scene work in a one on one session or controlled group, we do that. We offer private study by appointment for one person, and will accomodate small groups of up to four. If your goal is to get an agent, refine material for a big audition or just see what this acting stuff is all about, this could be the best choice for you.

$ 80 per hour for individual work.

Email or call about special pricing and availability for private group coaching of two to four students.

Audition Taping For Castings

Need an Audition tape ASAP for a casting, we do that as well. Bring in your scene and let’s work the role, get you taped, submitted and booked! Email or call about pricing and availability.

Film/Tv Acting Workshops

We offer full day Film/Tv workshops both in our Studio and in cities around the country on Tour. Workshops offer in depth studies of scene/character breakdown, conflict, different types of audition techniques( taped and live),producers reads, screen tests,Improv and Cold Reading skills, proper formats for taped auditions, agent acquisition, business of entertainment and much more. If you don’t live near us, odds are we are coming to a town near you soon! Like our classes, all available Workshops can be registered for and purchased off our Calendar through the convenience of Paypal. Check our Training Calendar for current Workshop dates and locations.

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